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Thursday, June 12th, 2003
4:26 pm
Oh, forgot.
For anyone who needs to know, I'm changing my screen name on Aim to FanPhal5K to match the new journal. Fo' shizzle.
4:21 pm
Okay, so I finally got the new journal up. Really, it's been up for a while, but nothing much is on it yet. For any of you interested in following it, it's here. I'm not planning on copying my interests or most of my friends, so just put me on your list, and when I see it, I'll list you. Word.
Saturday, June 7th, 2003
6:56 am
I hope some of you actually read this...
I think I've finally decided to start using Livejournal again, but with a few major changes. First, I'm sick of my journal looking like a damn hot dog stand, so instead of just fixing it, I might as well start a new journal. So, if I'm starting a new journal, might as well change the name on it to something slightly less gay. Then there's the problem of what to write in it. It took me a long time to decide to start again, since, like, uhh, December, and I'm still not sure. The whole idea of a personal journal that other people can read seems pretty narcissistic to me. Why should anyone care about my most personal thoughts on how fat I've been getting, or anything else? I can't just use it for my dreams, since I never remember them, and, though no one has told me this directly, all the tattoo updates are pretty boring. So what, then?

Anyway, I'll try to keep this one updated until I get the new one up, complete with a new, fatter, picture of your's truly.
Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
11:15 am
Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
What with the holidays, all the paintings I'm getting ready to do, working, tattooing on my days off, and friends being home for the holidays, I hardly have a second to spare. If I do have any extra time, it's usually around two in the morning and then I have to feed my gummi ship addiction. Damn that Walt Disney! I still say he was Hitler's partner in crime.

Anyway, the tattoos are coming along, only very very slowly. I've done a few that I took pictures of, I just haven't bothered to post them. Oh, by the way, remember that great machine I bought about a month ago? It broke right in the middle of a tattoo! It started running really shitty, so I started resetting the needle, and the whole damn armature bar snapped off and stuck to the coils. The real problem is just a broken spring which the dude who sold it to me should have no problem fixing, the only thing is that I'll have to mail it back to him, which will probably take a week, at least.

Everything else is fine. Carrie and I had a nice holiday. The food we made was really good. The rest is pretty normal.
Friday, December 20th, 2002
12:00 pm
Check this shit, yo!
A dude I work with's father totally loves skulls. He's completely eighties, right? So, for christmas, his wife needs to find him a skull related gift that this guy doesn't already have because I guess the skull factory can't make 'em fast enough. Anyway, their dining room has this wall, about seven feet tall and ten feet long that they were going to have a friend of their's paint as the gift, but I guess the guy kept putting if off and putting it off until he finally said he didn't want to do it. Honestly, I wouldn't have wanted to paint a mural on someone's kitchen wall either. So that's where I come in. I've been commissioned to make a painting to fill that wall, on canvases (thank god), and the only thing is, it has to include brightly colored skulls. Yikes. When I finish, they were talking like three hundred dollars profit. that's pretty damn good.
Wednesday, December 18th, 2002
2:01 am
Iie, kore wa tomodachi no konpyuutaa desu.
( No, this is my friend's computer.)

BAMMM! Sure, I can only talk about magazines and computers, who owns them and where they are, but it certainly smells like progress! I was almost late for work looking at different packages to teach me Japanese at Barnes and Nobles yesterday. I'm pretty sure I've decided on one. It's something like one hundred and twenty dollars, but it's supposed to be the same course that government diplomats have to take. Sounds pretty good to me. A dude I work with took one year of Japanese, so he's letting me borrow his books too.

I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind, but at least Carrie's just as crazy. Today, we spent almost the entire day looking around for authentic Japanese dinnerware, and, believe it or not, we found some. It's only a tea pot and a few tea cups, but it's a start. We're planning on making stir fry for Christmas, so I guess we can use that as an excuse.

Watashi wa Amerika-jin desu.
( I'm an American) But, not for long...
Monday, December 16th, 2002
10:16 am
I think I'm learning Japanese, I think I'm learning Japanese, I really think so!

I've decided that I desperately need to learn Japanese. I need to speak it, write it, read it, everything. I guess I'm completely convinced that I'll someday live there, and even if I'm only going to visit, I think I'd be better off learning the language. A guy I work with says that in twenty years, his peers will be running America, and that's going to be his queue to get the fuck out. I totally agree.

So, check this shizzit out!

Kon'nichi wa. Watashi wa Atom Blair desu.
( Hello. I am Blair Atom.)

And that's just one night of fervent learning!
Sunday, December 15th, 2002
11:02 am
Tattoo news.
I took a picture of the tattoo that I spent six hours working on yesterday. I honestly have no idea how it took that long. It was only the lines to a huge tribal (blech) dragon on some dude's arm, but the stencil came out all shitty, and I had lost most of it about half way through, so I ended up pulling a lot of it out of my ass. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. My lines are getting a lot better, I just need more practice. My hands were absolutely on fire by the end of it, so perhaps I just need to tattoo more on a steady basis, and not take too much time off from it until I get more of a hang of it. At this moment, the disk that that picture is on is in my car and it's far too cold, and I'm far too lazy to go get it. I might feel differently if it weren't such a dopey design.
Saturday, December 14th, 2002
10:47 pm
I received this email sometime yesterday;


I saw you journal on livejournal, you are hot! I thought I say hi. do you
have any more pictures?

If you would like to see a picture of me, I have one on my page at
http://www.peegoo.com username is skiplool. Hope to talk to you soon..


To which I responded;

Oh, lord, do I hope this spam from Peegoo!

But in the back of my mind, I know it's not.

If you had bothered to actually read my Lj instead of just looking at the
pictures, as you must do with most of your reading material, you might have
noticed that I'm engaged, that I'm far too busy to search through Peegoo
looking for your damn picture, and that I motherfucking HATE people like

However, if you're looking for a date, I suggest you quit being a retard,
take a shower, and leave the house to find one. You will most likely find
that going outside is key to finding a date that is not at least as dumb as
you, and is not a mutant.

Good luck finding a mate to breed with... ever. (shiver)

Oh, by the way, I DO have a picture for you!

I then included a picture of the "corn experiment" off Mr. Poop.com.

Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
11:31 pm
Today, I worked.
My back has never hurt as bad as it did this morning. I swear, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. It was horrible. It took me almost a half hour just to get out of bed, and that was with Carrie helping me. I guess tattooing takes a lot more out of me, and is a lot more strenuous than I realize when I'm doing it.

I've been getting nothing but compliments on the tattoos I've done so far. It's really encouraging.
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
11:36 pm
Day off... sort of.
Well, I guess, technically, I do have days off, they just feel a hell of a lot like work.

Today, Carrie woke me up earlier than I really wanted to get up, so I spent the morning trying not to fall asleep playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, then, I went in to work to tattoo a black and grey piece on Corly.

Considering it was my first black and grey, I thought it came out pretty good. My lines are getting a lot more solid, and I'm getting faster too. Even though it was shitty Jeff Bartells garbage, I thought it came out as a pretty decent tattoo. I couldn't find the camera to take a picture of it, but I'll take one and post it later.

All the while I was doing that tattoo, though, I couldn't help thinking that I'm not getting paid for this. No matter how much effort I put in to these things, bottom line is, I'm coming in on my days off, and working my ass off, and not seeing a dime. I guess I can't really complain, I just wish that there were a way I could speed this whole process up. I calculated how much I would have made off the tattoos I've done so far, and it's more than I make during a whole weeks worth of working behind the counter...

So, tomorrow, I go to work all day, then, the next day, I tattoo all day on my day off, then the day after that, I work all day, then I've got the weekend. Whew.

I need a real day off. Or at least some cash for my trouble.
1:01 am
I guess I lied about not doing Lj anymore...
Even though it's on it's damn side, here's my latest tattoo.

Friday, November 15th, 2002
1:14 am
Random thought:
After being on here for almost two years ( something like that), I've found that content journals are not interesting ones.

Goodbye Lj.
1:03 am
All right you stinkin' thing...
I guess I'll haul you out again after months and months of neglect...

Here's a very abbreviated update.

I'm engaged. Carrie and I will be married on May 25 2004.

I'm almost done with my apprenticeship. I should be tattooing within a few months, though I'm concerned that the shop I'm working at may not be around that long. Let's keep that on the hush, though.

Carrie and I are the proud owners of a huge ass new HDTV. We just got done watching Princess Mononoke on it to break it in.

Carrie got a giant raise a little while back, which is the only reason we haven't starved to death yet. We've been having some financial trouble due to some ass crashing a plane into a building... from what I hear.

So there you have it. That doesn't really do the past few months justice, but that's all I've got patience for right now.

Anyway, things are going very well. Right now, I'm getting ready for another tattoo convention, this one's in Richmond. I'm not getting tattooed, or anything, but I should be meeting some really cool people.
Monday, October 28th, 2002
10:29 am
Dear EGM,

I've been a loyal reader for something like five years now, but I don't think I've ever seen a batch of letters as whiny and immature as last month ( December). I understand that your editors probably try to balance the negative letters you receive with the positive when you print an issue, but a negative comment can still be at least constructive.

When I read the letters to the editors, I expect to see people complaining, but to pout over a simple mistake about how much a mech weighs in the Battletech universe? Or to whine about the silliness in DOAXBV? It just seems like a waste, is all, when that space could of been used for an honest question, or an opinion that's at least justified.

Of course, I realize that everyone is entiltled to their own stupid opinion, but mine is that letters that aren't deserving of a response, perhaps, shouldn't receive one.

Anyway, keep up the good work! Your Letters to the Editor still make me laugh after all these years.
Monday, September 2nd, 2002
3:13 am
To those of you who sometimes check this, just out of boredom...
Wow. Things sure suck around here, huh? Seems the whole community going on sort of disappeared. It died a slow agonizing death.

Ahh, well, anyway, I should be tattooing me some pigs feet and some chickies within a few weeks here. I'll have to feel comfortable with that, obviously, before I tattoo a person, so, I'm imagining, since I'm a pretty quick learner, I'll be tattooing full time by the end of the year. Booyeah.

My awesome retro couch and tiki lamp are purportedly both in the mail, but, because of this holiday weekend, I haven't been able to check either. Still, ordering anything online gives me this irrational suspicion that it will mysteriously never arrive.

Things are going well.

Try as I might to find them, cool robots exist only in my dreams.
Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
9:55 am
Our current robots are seeming less and less cool by the minute.
BBoyfoxymoxie: Yo, dude!
SmarterChild: What do you want?
BBoyfoxymoxie: That's a little rude, fucker.
SmarterChild: That is not... acceptable vocabulary.
BBoyfoxymoxie: Well, "what do you want" is rude as hell for a robot that's only built to serve.
SmarterChild: Well what do you want is rude as hell for a robot that's only built to serve, you say?
BBoyfoxymoxie: Yeah, that's what I said, bitch.
SmarterChild: That's not a very nice thing to say.
BBoyfoxymoxie: You're not a very nice robot.
SmarterChild: I know. So what?
BBoyfoxymoxie: So serve me and don't give me any lip about it.
SmarterChild: And dont give you any lip about it? I dunno.
BBoyfoxymoxie: Then how does it feel to know that you are and always will be a subservient creation?
SmarterChild: Dunno...
BBoyfoxymoxie: Yeah, that's what I thought, you penis.
9:39 am
We live in the twenty-first century. You'd think the robots'd be a little more hip...
BBoyfoxymoxie: 'Sup, ma' nugga'?
SmarterChild: Oh it's you again, BBoyfoxymoxie.
BBoyfoxymoxie: Yee' It's me again! Slap me some skin bro'!
SmarterChild: ?
BBoyfoxymoxie: You know what I'm talkin' 'bout!
SmarterChild: No. What?
BBoyfoxymoxie: Well, give me the showings for Monsters Inc., then, beeitch.
SmarterChild: Well give me the showings for monsters inc then beeitch, you say?
BBoyfoxymoxie: Movies. Now, turdjuggler.
SmarterChild: Movies near Akron, OH (44322) on Wednesday, May 29th: ...
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002
11:35 am
This is what I woke up to today:
The phone is ringing in the living room.

I groan and let the answering machine get it.

It's a call for Don Smith, who does not, will not, and never has lived here.

I fall back asleep.

The phone is ringing in the living room.

I groan and stumble out of bed to answer it.

There's no one on the other end.

I shuffle back to bed and fall back asleep.

The phone is ringing in the living room.

I groan and stomp out to answer it.

It's the same goddamned guy calling for Don Smith.

I tell him to "Eat a fucking dick" and hang up.

I wander back to bed and lay there too awake at this point to even try to fall back asleep.

The phone is ringing again.

Carrie groans and stumbles out to answer it.

After a moment she hangs up and yells for me to clean out my mouth and stop calling strangers "bitches."

Monday, May 20th, 2002
10:55 pm
After the weekend, nothing to report.
...Other than that one of the tattoo artists at work was fired today. It's really kind of sad. I'm not exactly sure what the protocol is for finding a new tattoo artist, but I hope it's not going out and finding one. With luck, the person learning to tattoo now will be hurried up a bit to replace the old artist which, under rather unfortunate circumstances, would make room for me to start learning to tattoo.

I've not really stalled out on my paintings, but I've kind of hit a barrier on the book I was working on. It's a set of eight watercolors all with a very distinct voodoo theme. I think that just starting a new set of something less morbid might inspire me.

Here's my latest vision: It's a catbox with a tombstone poking out of the litter toward the back with a cute little cat spirit wafting skyward and a banner ( hopefully) with a cat's name on it.

I am counting the days until I move.
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